Latin Name: Ocimum basilicum
    Product Forms: Crushed – whole - Powder - Seeds
    Season Crop: From May to September 
    Availability time: All over the Year 
    Container Capacity:  Crushed // 5.5 MT per 20 FCL & 12 MT per 40 FCL (HC)
    - Paper bags 
    - PP Bags with Liner plastic bags


    its color is dark green, with characteristic aroma
    Basil is very aromatic Sweet Herb and it’s a flavoring in food and sauces, it’s also add to meat, cheese, and egg dishes.
    Basil also has a medicinal uses as 
    treatment nervous disorders & to lift the anxiety, depression & headache, and used for treatment stomach cramps

  • Thyme

    Botanical Name ( Thymus vulgaris )

    Available form

    Thyme standard cut

    Season : Available all year

    Packing : 25 KG

  • Rosemary

    Botanical Name ( Rosmarinus Officinalis)

    Available Form:

    Rosemary Standard Cut

    Season : Available all the Year

    Packing : In bags 25 KG Net weight.

  • Dill       


    Botanical Name ( Anethum Graveolens )

    Available Form:

    Dill Tips crushed Leaves

    Season: Available from November till May

    Packing : In polypropylene bag 25 KGS Net weight

  • oregano  premium

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