• Parsley           


    Botanical Name ( Petroselinum Crispum )

    Product Forms: Leaves (Flakes) Sun-Dried & Machine-Dried
    Season Crop: From October to May 
    Availability time: All over the Year 
    Container Capacity: - 5 MT per 20 FCL & 10 MT per 40 FCL (HC)
    - Carton Boxes 
    - Paper Bags
    - PP Bags


     Its color is very nice Green, 

    Dehydrated Parsley is usually dried naturally by sun or mechanically by machine dryer, and its used in wide range in foods besides its seeds use for remedy of kidney stones.



  • Onion

    Botanical name (Allium cepa)

    Available forms: Fresh and dehydrated (granular-kibbled-powder)

    Packing: 10-25 kg PP bags or Craft bags

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